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A525 Netbook iPAD car mountable holder by high quality aluminum arm

click for operation&assembly

Optional Accessories 1. LCD Bracket

Optional Accessories 2. C-clamp

Optional Accessories 3. Stand base

Optional Accessories 4. Velcro tray

Optional Accessories 5. Flexible tray

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Perfect laptop holder for any vehicles - automobile, car
  • Easy to install
  • Removes quickly and folds flat for storage
  • Superior stability and flexibility at 4 pivots
  • Made of 100% recycled aluminum for light-weight strength
  • Pivot upwards & downwards: 180 degrees  back & forward: 360 degrees
  • free 360 degrees direction positioning
  • Includestypes of hooks to fix arm under vehicle seat
  • Includes 3 locks to clamp laptop
  • Horizontal & Vertical dist:621~921mm(24~36")  Loading: 5kg
  • Laptop swivel: 360 degrees Self-rotation: 360 degrees
  • Weight: 1.6kgs [arm 1kg + tray 0.6kg]
  • Laptop tray size: ABS+TPR white plate 30x21x1.5cm
    for max.wide 11~25.5cm around 6"~12" MP4, netbook, notebook, iPAD
  • Add a free extra parts for stabilization and universal mount
  • Optional Accessories :
    1. LCD Bracket - meets VESA standards (75x75mm and 100x100mm)
    2. C-clamp - clamp on edge of desktop thickness range: 10~45mm, extend up to 70mm
    3. Stand base - plastic stand 30x30cm on any tables, include velcro sticker for stronger moment
    4. Velcro tray - Includes a aluminum tray 32x23cm with 2 magic velcros up to 15.4" notebook
    5. Flex tray - black aluminum tray flexible 25~38x25x2cm for 12"~15.4" laptop
  • Refer to similar model: A520, A521, A522, A523, A524, A526, A527, A528

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Main mechanism operation motion

Flexible tray operation motion