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A761 Super Thin, Universal Adjustable for Wall mount and LCD TV screw range


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Easy installation and strong combination both
  • Adjustable screw position for TV backside mount
  • TV backside horizontal screw range: 3~40cm(1.2~16")
  • TV backside vertical screw range: 5~28cm(2~11")
  • Between TV backside and Wall distance:2.6cm(1")
  • Max.distance 40cm(16") between pillars on the wall
  • Loading: 176lbs or 80kgs (90" TV weight)
  • similar model: A660, A665, A750, A765

Safety/Quality Approvals:

  • Multi Countries Patent
  • reference similar model A760(screw height to 20cm)
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